Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roots and Shoots

Eight years ago, I pushed the gates of Roots and Shoots in Walnut Tree Walk, and my life changed forever. I entered an urban oasis where humans and wildlife are living side by side. A project where nature and culture mixes without conflict. It is a place where I could forget about the fast pace of the city and where my mind suddenly became quiet. Joy and fun, learning and relaxing... Linda put me on a path, which is a little more than career orientated. At the time I was living an internal conflict, and suddenly I found myself at peace with trainees, bugs and plants. There are often events for the community . Check it out, you will find unusual plants at competitive prices, the best London honey, and a delicious apple juice. Prince Charles is a fan! I encourage you to read this blog, it so well describes the place I love it so much that I can't keep away!


  1. Audeldk,
    Visited on-line site, Roots And Shoots, and was much impressed --remakable facility. I too was in my late 20s when I decided to become a gardener. I agree, it is more than a job.

  2. Aude, I hope you are well and still involved with urban forestry and gardening --certainly the lessons it teaches about all facets of life never leave us. All my best wishes.