Saturday, June 26, 2010


Roses started to bloom in May, and I haven't seen such a lush display for a long time. They probably loved the cold spell. My interest for roses has developed recently, despite them being high maintenance. I am very fond of old climbers and ramblers, preferably scented and with a repeated season of flowering. It is a pleasure to take a stroll on a sunny day, and stop to smell any bloom. This one - Madame Alfred Carriere, I think - caught my eye on my way to work. It is a noisette raised by Schwartz in 1879. The main crop is abundant, and it intermittently produces clusters of highly scented blooms through the summer and sometimes beyond. I love the way it grows around an old fashioned street lamp. The best way to remember their names is to plant them yourself. I will just do that at home, starting next weekend...

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  1. Audeldk,
    We tend to think of the rose as such a dramatic flower. I love to see them just having fun like those in your picture!