Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Green light for city walker

After a long lethargic year I am back, walking the streets and country lanes with my camera. It is my favorite exercise, so much too see. Take a stroll, explore the nook and crannies of places I think I know. Any place can surprise me, a toothless smile, a graffiti or just a monument. I always feel like missing out on something if I cannot walk. Walking is a human pace, the only one when all my senses are open. Awake by something that transcends rationality. Smell can make me drift to some place in a distant past, sound can carry me across places I don't always know, feeling stones or metal, and tasting flavors I didn't know existed. It is my relationship to time and space that changes when I walk. It opens my senses, transforms my vision of the world. Sometimes, when I stop, I encounter some strange characters, who can tell me tales about a place and its transformation, or someone randomly met on the street, who recites me nonsense verses (that still make sense). In my opinion, driving and cycling are way duller than walking. Get your boots on...just for the sake of it.

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