Saturday, July 18, 2009

Clapton Park Estate

Multidisciplinary practitioners, who focus on breaking down boundaries between professional and amateurs, contribute to productive landscape. This can foster new attitudes and places for sustainable community development, offering the citizens an opportunity to be responsible for their local environments, and therefore acting as the glue that binds urban communities together. In densely populated urban settings social and natural dynamics are equally important. Gardens may be one of the settings were multi-cultural persons of all ages learn about each other's culture and the local ecology. Integration of the broad community into the development and management of its surrounding can reduce social issues and promote the respect of cultural distinctiveness. Design becomes a medium that allows social change and flexibility. Clapton Park Estate, in East London, is highly susceptible to vandalism and the landscape budget is tight. But, still, it is a lab experimenting how to bring nature in some of the harsher urban settings and how the local public interacts with it. On the estate edible crops and amenity specimens are growing side by side, involving and benefiting the muticultural community.

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