Friday, February 12, 2010

The 'forest'

A grid of 25 cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens) has been planted within a mirrored box, in the Emma Cors Gardens (corner of the Cut and Waterloo Road). It was commissioned by the Waterloo Quarter Business Alliance. It was so popular with residents and people passing by, that the display has been extended. I wish I had been with a playmate the day. Instead I played at guessing who would cross it and who would contour it. It is a good project to remind urban dwellers about the interconnection of every living things. Observing nature, rather than idealising it, could maybe help us to tune our lives to her rhythm, rather than destroying it. I suppose our relationship to nature is a little like a tempestuous love affair; learning the hard way through doing it all wrong and making a total mess. There is hope: no situation is insoluble.

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  1. Audeldk,

    Amazing, fun little grove! I am a fan of Italian Cypress. 20 years ago I planted a line of them around a three-story, '60s, square, glass and steel library, then kept them trimmed as two-meter high candles --head-size teardrop of "flame" atop each. Building looked like a birthday cake. Retired last year, so candles will resume normal growth --but even untrimmed, they are such a well-behaved sort of tree. I can see why folks want to keep the wonderful mirrored forest pictured.